Iron and Ferritin Test

Buchanan Bear Distance Runners


Mom and Dad, we have found a way for our distance runners to be checked for Ferritin* blood levels without a doctor’s referral and it is going to be only $28. Now that is fantastic, to be able to have your son/daughter monitored throughout the year.


We recommend that all athletes be monitored 2-6 times a year depending upon their performance variations.


Here is how you go about doing this test for your son/daughter.


1. Give all your information to Coach Simpson:

     a. Name:

     b. Address: City and Zip

     c. Date of Birth




Go to: and Register for a Life Extension website account


1.   They will ask you for an email and to create a password.

2.   After you sign in there will be various areas of interest, blood testing is all the way on the right side under My Cart

3.   Once you click on Blood Testing up will come hundreds of available tests find  “Ferritin”.


4.   Up will pop up the Ferritin Test for $28 and select “add to cart”

5.   The next pop up will be “Success! Item(s) added to cart”. Now select “View Cart/Checkout”


6.   The Next pop up will be check out. Select “Checkout”

7.   The Next pop up will be “Please select blood test recipient”

8.   The Next pop up will be “Create Blood Test Recipient” and you will place all the information needed. Where it says “Preference” select “LabCorp Requisition Form”. Below this you will select where and how you want the form to be sent to you. I would NOT select mail but email if you have a printer at home so you can print out the “Requisition Form” for your son/daughter LabCorp appointment (if you walk in to LabCorp without an appointment you will have a longer wait).


9.   Next confirm changes and you will go to check out to pay.


10. The “LabCorp Requisition Form” will be emailed to you shortly about a day or two. You next confirm changes and you will go to check out to pay. can get the form faster if you call 1.800.678.8989


11. Once you get the form you can go to



*A Ferritin test indicates how much iron your body is storing. Minimum levels for athletes should be 20-40. Lower than that can affect performance. For more information, go to, search Ferritin, and see the article “Iron Level Upkeep for Runners.”




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