Iron and Ferritin Test

How to Order a Buchanan Ferritin Test


Below are steps to order an Ferritin Blood Test.  Using the website below doesn't require a doctor's approval and it doesn't cost a great deal of money to get the test done.  If you would like to go through your doctor for more extensive tests on your blood, please do so.  We are trying to provide the athletes and parents, a option to obtain information regarding Ferritin Levels.


  • Step 1: The Website

    Go to the following by slecting the Ulta Lab Tests Button below.

    Ulta Lab


  • Step 2: Search "Ferritin"

    Type in the word "Ferritin" and press return to search for different Ferritin Tests

  • Step 3: Selection

    Now you have a choice

    1. Select "Ferritin" and use the Promo Code "ULTA0615" in Check-Out


    2. Select "Coach Simpson - Ferritin" and donate approximately $4 to Buchanan XC



    Once you have added your selection to the CART, go to CHECKOUT

  • Step 4: Checkout

    If you selected "1" from the previous page (Ferritin) then here is where you would apply the code "ULTA0615"

    Once your selection has been made, press CONTINUE

  • Step 5: Account

    If this is your first time using this site to order a Ferritin Test you'll have to crate a New Profile (Account)

    If you have already used this site to order a test, make sure you Sign In

  • Step 6: New Account

    Create a New Account by Registering yourself with your e-mail.


    Then you'll be prompted to fill out an INFORMATION PAGE

  • Step 7: Location Selection

    Once your Patient Profile has been established you'll now have the ability to select

    where you can have your blood drawn.


    Select the location where you would like to get your blood drawn.  Note: Dedicated testing facilities are

    faster for drawing blood.

  • Step 8: Payment

    Once you have selected you location the web page will immediately switch over to PAYMENT


    When you have submitted your payment information and the check out is finalized, you'll

    receive an e-mail with details of your purchase.


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