How much chocolate milk to drink? (PDF)

Iron and Ferritin



Fuel for the Athletes.  It is important that athletes at every level eat correctly.  Think of the athletes body as an engine.  If you supply the engine with the correct nutrients (fuel) the engine should be able to perform at its optimal level.  Fueling your body constantly with products that do not allow the engine run efficiently will only allow that athlete to perform at a constrained level.  Basically your performance depends on what you eat.  Below are a few articles regarding nutrition for running athletes.




Two of the most common four year college entry exams are the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and the ACT (American College Testing).  There are two different types of SAT Exams.  SAT I is composed of writing, reading comprehension, and mathematics.  SAT II Exams are based on subject matter.  Check the college of your interest to see if it would be in your best interest to take SAT II.  The ACT is another college entry exam that some colleges will use in addtion to the SAT to extend their acceptance of you as a candidate for their college.  Below are the websites that have test dates for either exam.




Running is popular throughout the world.  Whether a person simply loves to run or loves to compete, the athlete needs the correct equipment to be successful.  Fleet Feet is a great local store to purchase clothing, shoes, and accessories.  The staff is quite knowledgeable and will help you get ready for your run or competition.  Below are a few hyperlinks to websites that may help you in your decision to equipping yourself for the run.  DC Rainmaker is a website that compares various GPS devices.



Morro Bay Camp

"All-Time" List

The one week we spend at Morro Bay during the end of the summer filled with fun memories and competition.  We have compiled a list of times from the past so that the athletes can compare themselves to other individuals that have attended the Morro Bay Camp in the past.  Below are links to PDF files that contain the list of times.



SLO to Avila

vVO2 Chart

LA 84 Presentation

Below ares some of the items we presented at the LA 84 Coaching Clinic for January 31, 2015.  Please feel free to download the documents.  If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.  Go to the "About BHS XC" page to contact us.

Additional Items

Running will definitely make a person faster and better prepared for races.  So, what else could be done to help an athlete out?  Well, here are some additional items that runners can do in addition to their daily running routine.




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